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TAT DAY 15: Counce TN to Enid lake MS (311km/194mi)

Turtle +1, Deer +2, Superglue +1, Ed March fans +2

My turn to check in with ADVRider and make sure you are all behaving 🙂

Slightly delayed start to the day because we made plans to meet up with the creator (of the TAT).
After a rather large breakfast at the local diner (V won) we rolled over to meet Sam and Laura. What a great couple! Sam truly lives the TAT. He gave us a tour of his command centre and a taste of what’s to come – big plans in the works. They are heading up north in a few days to start mapping more routes using old school methods with a huge pile of meticulously organized notes. Such hospitable and welcoming people. If you can support his work, you should.

We set off on more country backroads and the odd stretch of gravel before taking a slight detour to the Honda dealer in Corinth as we needed more chain lube. Massive dealership with their own motorcycle museum. Very impressive.

The rest of the day consisted of a lot of gravel and a taste of red clay in baking conditions. The scenery was a little deliverancy with plenty of squealing… every time we hit a patch of deep red powder or loose gravel. Made for a tough day on the hands and the 12″ wheels don’t help either.

Denmark and Paris have changed a lot since I last saw them 🙂 We met a second Ed March fan (Sam being the first) at a gas station in Paris MS. A 77 year old retired logger who couldn’t understand what Ed was saying but had no problem with Rachael. He saw the small bikes and couldn’t resist having a chat.

We’ve made camp at Enid Lake for the night. Where the restrooms are air conditioned and the mosquitoes are dive bombing our tent.. they really love me.

Tomorrow we are aiming to get to around De Valls Bluff. Any recommendations for camp spots?

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Distance: 310.66 kmMax Alt: 224 mMin Alt: 42 mClimb: 2285 mDescent: -2327 mAvg Speed: 47.77 km/hTime: 10:19:19

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