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TAT Day 1: New York NY to Nazareth PA (156km/95mi)

Not much in the way of mileage, but a great start to the trip.

We got off to a very late start, after putting the barkbusters back on (they had to stay off until we could get them through the doorway) and packing everything on the bike we realized we hadn’t checked the chain tension and the tire pressure after the visit to the bike shop. Of course we needed more air and the chains were way too tight. Doh! All our tools are conveniently packed under the seats so everything had to come off and then back on again. Lessons learned and all that.

We headed through NYC, over the Brooklyn Bridge (awesome) and though the Holland Tunnel and made it to Flag Plaza where the nice park police let us through to get an awesome photo with the funny French lady in the background. 


Brooklyn Bridge


About to go through the Holland Tunnel

20180801_114256 DSC00461

Flag Plaza

Simon insisted we had to dip our wheels into the Hudson River. Not quite the Atlantic Ocean, but close enough.


Getting the wheels wet

We had a couple of missed connections with fellow grommers and adv riders, sorry guys hopefully we will get better at organizing to meet up.

We googled our way through New Jersey to Morristown Historical Park then switched to OSMAnd and followed GPSKevins route. At one point somewhere in New Jersey, a cop flagged us down so he could tell us how awesome Groms were. We would have chatted to him longer, but it was a busy street and there were cars behind us.

The little back roads were absolutely lovely to ride on. We saw 4 deer today and there was practically no one else on the roads. We are still having to remind ourselves which side of the road to ride on especially at intersections when turning, but we think we are getting the hang of it. 

We hit Easton by 4:30 and decided to look for a motel. Cheap was our main priority. Fed and fueled, we are all (groms included) tucked in for the night. 


Good thing these bikes are small


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Distance: 141.8 kmMax Alt: 371 mMin Alt: -1 mClimb: 1491 mDescent: -1357 mAvg Speed: 48.22 km/hTime: 04:51:59

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