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TAT DAY 17: Hazen AR

Lots of good intentions to get on the road by 7:30. Just strapped all our gear on the bikes and it started to rain. Uh oh. Checked the weather forecast and it looks like its a lot of thunderstorms coming all down the TAT route.

Weather channel says says roads are ponding. Dunno what ponding gravel is like but we don’t wanna find out. Wimping out and taking a proper rest day at our super 8 motel near Hazen. Damn, could have slept in.

Tea, biscuits and catching up on episodes of Races to Places. This rest day is turning out pretty good.

Nice to rest up for a day. It rained on and off the whole day so we spent most of the time catching up on the internets and reading other ride reports. Looks like double trouble who are about a day behind us hit some tough times in the mud.

Little bit concerned about the rear tyres. They have done about 4100 km (2500 miles) and they are fairly worn down. We have new sets waiting for us in Trinidad Colorado, but that is still 1800 km (1100 miles) away. Not sure if they are gonna make it but they really need to.

Weather is looking better tomorrow. Will see what the trail conditions are like. Hoping to reach the TAT shack.

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