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TAT DAY 25: Trinidad CO to Cotopaxi CO (320km/198mi)

What a gorgeous day. Easy roads, great scenery and it smells nice. Although the clouds threatened to rain on us, we managed to stay ahead of any down pours. It got pretty darn chilly at one point, our gps app told us we were over 3000m (9842 feet) so that is probably why. Groms did OK at elevation as long as we didn’t try to go fast. Heated grips and rain jacket kept us warm throughout the day.

The roads here seem to be a lot busier than we have experienced previously on the trail. The accents have also changed.

To top of this excellent day of riding, we officially made it to the half way point on our very long journey. 6010km (3734 miles). Bring on part 2.

We just want to say to all of you following along, thanks for the support and pop tart recommendations. Its nice to know that people are enjoying our big adventure on our little bikes.

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Distance: 316.32 kmMax Alt: 3282 mMin Alt: 1797 mClimb: 3524 mDescent: -3433 mAvg Speed: 50.20 km/hTime: 09:08:28

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