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Post TAT #4 – What we spent on the TAT

We started off  trying to record everything even fuel consumption, but after a couple of days, that went out the window and it was just easier making a note of  food and accommodation costs rounded off to the nearest Dollar. We may have missed a few items here and there, but it mostly matches up with the bank account balance.

For fuel, we just estimated based on 45km/litre and 3.4 USD per gallon average. Our initial record keeping indicated we were getting anywhere between 42km/liter and 52km/liter, so 45 is probably about right.

We probably did not eat very well on this trip. We found it more convenient to stick to fast food or camp food. We did do a few healthier options when they presented themselves and we did have a couple of nice restaurant meals too.

Total - 7,350 NZD (4,899 USD)0%
Accommodation - 3,462 NZD (2,308 USD)0%
Food - 2,177 NZD (1,451 USD)0%
Other - 1,029 NZD (686 USD)0%
Gas - 681 NZD (454 USD)0%

The above costs are just for the time we were on the TAT between NY and Port Orford. They do not include the cost of shipping us and our bikes to the states, or the touristy stuff we did prior and post TAT. For a detailed account of the shipping cost and the paperwork involved, we have a whole other  two posts.

All in this was a pretty expensive trip by anyone’s standards, but the way we figure it, it is easier and more enjoyable doing  stuff like this now than when we are in our 80s. 


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