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TAT DAY 11: Ducktown TN to Guntersville Lake AL (306km/191mi)

We can thoroughly recommend the Ocoee River Inn behind the gas station. Rooms were large and very very  quiet. Also the gas station stocks fresh fruit and has a car wash next to it.

After arranging with a fellow grom rider to ship a shock to ADVrider klaviator in Huntsville, we spent the rest of the morning sampling the TAT. Mostly fast moving gravel with a bit of rocky stuff. The rocky stuff convinced us that we probably shouldn’t be riding on Sims shock. It was just bouncing him around too much and we were a bit worried we might do more damage, so we baled on the TAT somewhere just before Chatsworth and googled a route to Huntsville where a friendly internet stranger (@klaviator) has kindly offered to help us out 🙂

We were always planning on going to Huntsville anyway as it has a rocket centre we are super keen to see. Sim looooves space stuff almost as much as he loves his bike and me.
Instead of going straight to Hunstville, we decided to camp for the night at Guntersville lake. On the ride to Guntersville we noticed  quite a few road signs telling us we were on the trail of tears. We also crossed another two state lines, Georgia and Alabama.

Fun little memory.  Not sure which town it was, possibly Fort Payne, but one section of road we passed through had every imaginable fast food restaurant on it. There were dozens of them. it was amazing.

We estimate that we will have missed approx. 400km of the TAT by the time we get back on it:bit sad about that to be honest. Hope we didn’t miss anything too interesting. The reality is on a long trip with limited time, stuff happens and this probably wont be the last section of TAT we will have to miss out on.

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Distance: 304.17 kmMax Alt: 705 mMin Alt: 197 mClimb: 2485 mDescent: -2794 mAvg Speed: 53.19 km/hTime: 08:19:45

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