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TAT DAY 33: Gunnison UT to CCC Campground on Weis Highway UT (404km/251mi)

Not the most interesting riding today. After being spoiled the last few days, the straight fast gravel this morning was downright boring. We didn’t take a lot of photos today. We did see quite a few pronghorn throughout the day, but didn’t manage to get any pictures of them either 🙁 apparently they are a type of goat not an antelope or so we have been told.

It got more interesting once we hit Death Canyon Road. The surrounding terrain got a little more hilly and we encountered some mini sandy salt flats. They definitely tasted salty (Simon checked).

As usual our timing was impeccable, when lunch time rolled round, there was not a tree to be found. When we stopped to eat our sandwich, we had to hide in the shade of our own bikes. Groms don’t cast much of a shadow so we made it a quick one.

We ticked off another state today, well briefly. We stopped at border in Nevada, which of course had a room full of slot machines attached but a rubbish selection of ice creams. Sim found an innocent hose pipe, shoved it down his jacket and turned it on. He still dried out within a half hour on the bike.

The last 100km to our campsite was some squirelly gravel sand stuff which made for a challenging afternoon. It was so dusty Sim had to drop way behind me beyond our intercom ranges. I had to keep checking my mirrors to make sure he was still there. This is unusual for us.

We have camped at a free basic campsite on the side of the road that has no facilities, but is still quite nice. Dinner tonight was a tasty pasta and sauce..well for me anyway. Sim had to have nut bars and beef jerky for sups as the pot lid he was using as a plate spontaneously malfunctioned and dropped all his food in his lap and on the floor. I would have snapped a pic, but he looked grumpy and I was busy stuffing food in my mouth 🙂

We had an “interesting” chat with an older gentleman who was also staying at the campsite. Seemed nice and friendly enough, but the conversation got a bit uncomfortable when he steered it towards religion and started inquiring whether we had had been “saved”.

We are looking forward to the Bonneville Salt Flats tomorrow.


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Distance: 399.18 kmMax Alt: 2044 mMin Alt: 1354 mClimb: 2118 mDescent: -2220 mAvg Speed: 59.16 km/hTime: 08:39:50

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