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TAT DAY 37: Arco ID to Hailey ID (175km/109mi)

Another late start. We should have stayed for the free waffle breakfast, but we don’t usually do big breakfasts. 5 minutes after starting off we had to stop again so I could clean my visor. Serves me right, I was blowing rasberries at a mustard yellow Harley andmanaged to get spittle on the inside of my visor.

Easy riding today, but I was definitely having an off day. Sim reckons I was riding like a nanna. I proved this by coming off my bike on a bit of road that there was no reason to have lost control on. All good, no injuries to myself or the bike, just a very bruised ego. The buzzing noise come from my bike had us perplexed for a while until we realised it was Sims electric razor that must have been bumped.

As we took a break on the side of the road for my ego to recover, two ATVs pulled up. They were scouting locations for a Polaris brochure photo shoot. Now that’s a cool job.

We had thought we were going to end up in Ketcham today, so we figured, we would stick to that plan. Ketchum being a pretty expensive place, we have wound up further south in a town called Hailey.

After 2 chilly nights camping, an early arrival at a motel has given us a chance to clean air filters and helmets where dust seems to have gotten in between the visor and the pinlock (how does that even happen?).

Our Belgium friends we met in Moab sent us a message saying the trail between Ketchum and Featherville is closed, so it looks like we will have to bypass the trail through the forest tomorrow and take The main roads for a bit.

BTW you know you are cool when the 10 year olds at the local skate park yell out “sweet bikes” and give you a thumbs up 🙂


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Distance: 175.69 kmMax Alt: 2727 mMin Alt: 1614 mClimb: 1714 mDescent: -1708 mAvg Speed: 51.14 km/hTime: 05:03:09

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