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TAT DAY 43: Diamond Lake OR to Crater Lake and back (110km/68mi)

Crater Lake was beautiful. Bonus, the lady park ranger knew our bikes were Groms 🙂

Tomorrow we will be back on the TAT. It looks like only 2 more days till we make Port Orford. Quite a bit of the trail looks to be off pavement and includes a particularly gnarly climb somewhere between Tiller and Azalea. Should be interesting. Not sure where we will end up tomorrow night. Not a lot of camping or motel options. We may just have to find a spot in the forest. The end is nigh.

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Distance: 109.51 kmMax Alt: 2405 mMin Alt: 1598 mClimb: 1774 mDescent: -1780 mAvg Speed: 49.28 km/hTime: 03:14:01

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