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Sometime in 2017 we heard mention of an epic motorcycle trip across the United States. So we did some Googling, checked out some Youtube videos and read lots of blogs. 

It got us thinking. What an amazing way to see some of the less traveled parts of the US. Most of the info out there is from people riding the likes of KLR650s or Africa Twins, or WR250s, but then we came across C90 Adventures  and we figured if these two silly sods could do it on Honda C90s, then surely us two middle aged, semi sensible people could do it on Honda Groms?

Shortly thereafter, with airline tickets in hand,  we started on a 6 month pre-epic epic of planning and preparation to get the bikes ready to go. On 1 August we were in New York standing across from the statue of Libery in Flag Plaza with 2 Groms, fresh tires, mountains of gear, 11 500 km of GPX track and a healthy dose of concern.

Our posts to ADVRider chronicled the day to day adventure as it unfolded/unwound and with the support of that community, a fair amount of luck and perseverance,  45 days later we had crossed a continent! 

Since returning home we’ve had a chance to transfer the ADVRider posts to our blog, add some bits here and there and a LOT more photos. Also the GPX tracks and temperature charts and a bunch of other random stuff.

This website serves as a personal record, so that one day when we are too old and too buggered to do silly things on motorbikes, we can look back and remember how cool we were. 

Sea to Shining Sea


World Famous (in Selwyn District, New Zealand)

Our antics made the local rag. The last time I was in a paper I must have been 12 🙂 I’ll have to frame a copy for the folks.


Adventure is just bad planning… so here are 3 random posts from our TAT adventure



No Sponsors, but these people were always there when we needed help…