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We rode a total of 11,388 km (7,090 miles) over 45 Days from New York to Port Orford. That means our little 12-inch wheels did almost 40,000 revolutions over all sorts of terrain. That is a LOT. We’ve been playing with the GPX and temperature logs and given Excel and QGIS a little workout.

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  Planned Routing    Logged Route

Staying on the TAT was originally our objective but on an adventure of this size things are going to change. We’ve taken a look at our route and mapped out where we left the TAT and why.

Sticking to the TAT

The biggest effect on our route was the detours taken to sort out our mechanical issues like broken shocks (656km/407mi) with another large chunk of muddy and tracked roads that where just too tough for us (380km/236mi). Towards the end of the day we tended to beeline for a campsite or motel and the gravel breaks were a welcome relief. I think we were lucky with road closures which included the fires and a red-neck hill climbing event that had us going 30km/19mi around!

We didn’t have many pies on the TAT, but here’s one to have a look at.

When planning for the TAT we estimated 300km (188 miles) per day with a rest day every fifth day. Including side trips, rest days, 5 days of mechanical / weather / injury contingency and riding from Port Orford to LA we planned on XX days to complete it.

  Biggest Day
< style=”margin: 20px 0px 20px 0px;”>438km (272mi) from CCC Campground UT to Tremonton UT

Daily Distance

In the end we decided not to ride the Orford to LA leg (a very good idea) and averaged around 270km per day. We had a couple rain days and took time out for Slick Rock, White Rim and Deals Gap as planned, but because we weren’t chasing a high target every day we didn’t need the rest days. Our mechanical issues didn’t really cost us any time thanks to the helpful internet people.




Segment Planned Ridden (km)
NYC to MABDR 423 430
MABDR 1079 1129
TAT 8848 9643
  10350 11202
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