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Beers and Crates

One step closer with some “action” this weekend. We finally have a crate. 2 of 3 local bike dealers were happy to let us dig around in their scrap piles. 
We eventually settled on a crate from a Honda CRF250RL. Just wide enough for 2 Groms with enough extra length for all our gear. 
We got to work ripping all OEM base out and chopped almost a cube in volume off the top. Took a number of angle grinder blades and a crapload of new bolt holes but it is now back together.
All that’s left to do is weld on the wheel channels for Groms.. just as soon as we work out where they need to go 
Next job is to arrange shipping. Which I can now do since I have dimensions. Anyone know how to weigh a bike with a bathroom scale !? 
Huge THANK YOU to Norjo Motorcycles and Casbolts Motorcycles

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