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TT2000 Rally Video

Finally finished editing the video from the TT2000 rally in February. It was just so much fun 

Armed only with enthusiasm, a well-planned route and fresh call signs from http://www.topgunday.com/ we embarked on our first TT 2000 mission. The TT (Twisting Throttle) 2000 is a 10 year old, long distance motorcycle rally in New Zealand. Each year the event changes but is always 2000 km in 48 hours. This year’s requirement was to collect 50000 points from locations based on the 50 chapters in Mike Hyde’s excellent book “Twisting Throttle New Zealand”. You can read more about the event at https://www.tt2000.org/ It was a great experience which left its mark on our hands and butts for at least a week. Now that the pain has worn off I think we’ll be doing it again.. but maybe hotels next time! The route we took is here http://www.kiwigrom.com/TT2000/SkidTT… Huge thanks to the organizers.. and to our Team 🙂

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